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Our 2022 Donors

The continued generosity of our donors and local community members allow us to continue our mission of providing high-quality, affordable theatre to the Roxborough & Manayunk sections of Philadelphia

Directors ($500+)

Anthony Hillanbrand

Sabrina Hillanbrand

Designers ($250-499)

Andrew Jessick

Cast & Crew ($100-249)

Corinne & Roger Hillanbrand

Gavin Carpenter

Samuel Rossitto

Marcus Henderson

Patrick Bethel

Nicholas Porretta

Debut ($25-99)

Lisa Carpenter

Bevan Moscovici

Cathy Yorgey

Donald Whalen

Donna George

Elizabeth Rieser

Jessica Fontanez

Neal Phillips

Starr Plover

Robin Leahy

Jacqueline Hillanbrand

Alanna Taylor

Andrew Johnson

Blaze Mann

Denise Haber

Diane McCormick

Durell Griffin

Emily Stones

Lawrence Garcia

Lisa Zinni

Lorraine Magee

Maria Garvey

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