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ASH Theater Company


Our mission is to create meaningful theater experiences for our students while providing entertainment for our guests in a professional environment. We draw the community into the program for the purposes of discovering and developing talents, while also providing an environment that fosters relationships. We strive for excellence in every performance in order to create a memorable experience for both our students and our guests.


Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

ASH Theater Company has a long-standing culture of opening our doors to those seeking to become involved in theater. Art is a form of expression. It has the power to move people, change perception and open conversations. We want you to know that we are a safe space where all individuals are welcome, regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, age, etc.

We are challenging ourselves to break down barriers formerly lodged in the casting of roles. We believe all individuals must have an equal opportunity for a role when open auditions are held. Combined with our practice of never installing memberships, we are committing to the following additional measures to ensure the purest form of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our productions:


  • Roles designed to be played by an individual of a specific racial or ethnic background will be casted with integrity.

  • If one’s race, gender, etc. will not change the plot or storyline as intended by the playwright, we will allow all individuals to audition for the role and cast purely based on talent. 

  • Donations will never be accepted in exchange for a role. 

  • We will carefully select shows that would provide equal opportunities for those looking to perform. 


We believe, as artists, it is our job to use art as an avenue to open the minds of individuals and to share the beauty of being different. Humanity links us and our differences make us unique. That is something we choose to celebrate and share within our community.



Excellent community theater group for children and adults. Anthony and Sabrina are professional and always produce/direct amazing shows!”

N2n stage.png

Jennifer Damiano

Original Broadway Cast of Next to Normal

I was so inspired by how ASH Theater Company used the show as a way to open up the conversation about mental illness to the community. I appreciate and admire the bravery it took to put on a show like this, and how wholeheartedly the actors committed to these incredible but complicated characters. 


I've had the most fun I have had in a long time with a community theater. A fresh new group, with lots of promise!

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